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Program Art Design

The Dillard University Minority Health and Health Equity Research Center held a Design Contest for Dillard Students to create a work of art encompassing the Certified H.E.A.L. Professional Program. Christopher Dyvonne (Von) Burton created the winning design.


Artist's Vision

Childbirth and nurturing an infant through breastfeeding is an act of love and creates a strong bond between a child and a mother. This piece depicts a rounded figure in the forefront, representing the top half of a breast and a new horizon. The bottom half completes the sphere, representing the circle of life provided through the nourishment of the breast. The bottom of the circle also represents a drop of colostrum or liquid gold that is released during the early stage of breast milk production, which is vital to an infant's immune system. The background shapes accompanying the figure are made of different geometric patterns to signify a structured and demanding learning environment provided at Dillard University. The desired effect of the artist was for the fractal patterns to imitate glass or mirrors shattering and the breastmilk to serve as a healing property meant to repair the broken images. Also slightly suggested in the piece is a face made of geometric patterns resembling an Akua'ba doll, a female fertility figure known in West Africa. This overarching figure implies that Motherly energy is ever present when nursing a child.

About the Artist

I am Christopher Dyvonne (Von) Burton ‘25, and I am from Alexandria, LA. I am a junior Social Work major with a minor in visual arts at Dillard University. Currently, I am pursuing a career in Fine Arts. Most of my work is Afro-centric or spiritual, and often both. To display the natural beauty of traditional cultures is a passion of mine. Everyone is an artist, and we share it in many ways. Art is why life is beautiful. Asé

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